Retailers FAQ

In case if you are in a doubt, how this works, it is a very simple and easy process. However, offering tax free shopping service creates additional revenue stream and helps to ensure a positive impact on the bottom line.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to explain in as much detail as you would like.

Ushop Tax Free are the experts in providing retailers Tax Free Shopping solutions.

Offering industry leading customer service which has helped us grow portfolio to over 700 shopping outlets.

By using Ushop Tax Free, your company will benefit from extensive marketing to promote your tax free shopping scheme, thus potentially

increasing your exposure to eligible consumers and sales. Your company will earn valuable commission on all tax free sales made to your eligible consumers.

Tax Free shopping service helps attract international travellers to make purchases from you as the savings are significant.

Ushop Tax Free actively promotes your brand to international customers through their affiliation with Smartax Network who are able to reach out to the right audience through their relationship with the world’s leading brands in the travel and banking sectors.

Ushop Tax Free’s Shopping service complies with all tax and legal requirements and offers the retailers a simple process.

In simple terms a significant savings. By offering our service retailers not only

create brand loyalty but also create greater opportunity to upsell.

Yes, it is obligatory to obtain an export validation in order to prove goods are taken out of the country within time frame.

A customs or export stamp on the Ushop Tax Free form validates exportation.

Ushop Tax Free offers complete training to our retailers and their staff. Our teams regularly make visits and ensure that any changes

in the law are communicated to our clients. Extensive training are scheduled with our clients on individual basis.